My home and family

My mom, Marion, and I talk every day and she comes over to see the daycare babies a couple of times a week. They all run and scream with excitement, “grandma”!

My sister, Tasha is excited for visits with her new niece or nephew, and my niece is extremely excited and ready to share.

All of my family has been talking about how it will be once we have a new baby!

My beautiful sister, Tasha

Shaquora, my niece, teaches me how to pose!

I am waiting for you with open arms!

My favorite and only niece Shaquora

My adventurous brother, James, is already working on a song for his new niece or nephew!

My family has many traditions we enjoy. We go out to dinner to celebrate birthdays from youngest to oldest. We have an annual Easter egg hunt (yes we color eggs the old fashioned way). We have an all out feast at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday – decorating, food, and great times with family.

Larry, my daddy

Painting class with Shaquora

All dressed up for a family outing!

I love my mommy!

It was fun making pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa!